Chromium-based Edge gets Jump List support for PWAs in the latest update

Microsoft recently rolled out v77.0.196.0 update for Canary build of Chromium-based Edge. The latest update brought a couple of fixes and features to Edge but also added support for Jump Lists for PWAs.

Both Chromium-based Edge and Google Chrome support PWAs and both allow users to install PWAs directly into the browser. With the latest update, Edge will allow users to right-click on a PWA and see jump lists to navigate to various sections of the app directly. The feature is currently not enabled by default so you will need to navigate to edge://flags and search “Jump list” to get the “Desktop PWAs JumpList includes Recently Visited Category” flag. Once enabled, relaunch the browser and open any PWA like Twitter and right-click on the icon on Taskbar to get a recently visited category.

The feature should help users who use PWAs regularly. At this moment, the feature is available for Edge Canary and we couldn’t confirm if the same is available for the Dev channel as well.

Via Techdows

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