Proshot picks up another update with probable Lumia 930 4K recording fix


The alternate camera app for Windows 10 phones. ProShot, is receiving a new update in the Windows 10 Store for PC’s, phones, and tablets.

This update doesn’t include any major new features. The one new feature it adds is merely a refinement to its exposure mechanism, making it more convenient to adjust the exposure manually based on where you tap the screen while in the camera capture mode.

The second major fix relates specifically to the Lumia 930. Nokia’s old flagship phone apparently had a bug which prevents it from capturing 4K videos while in ProShot – an issue which was being investigated in the previous release.

Now, while this new update has been released with the aim of fixing the bug, the developers are still unsure as to whether the bug has been fixed yet and are requesting feedback on this issue.

  • ProShot now adjusts exposure based on where you tap to focus
  • Fixed an error that sometimes happened when saving photos
  • Fixed a bug with the self-timer
  • Fixed some UI bugs
  • Hopefully fixed the 4K bug on Lumia 930.

The disclaimers that applied to the previous update still apply here though. If you’re using the Windows 10 Anniversary Update by means other than an official update (e.g say a Lumia 920 by a hack), you may experience bugs which cannot be directly blamed on the app developer. The app costs $3.99, and you can get it from here:

Developer: Rise Up Games
Price: 3,99 €

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