Project Pink Pure phone – first real (blurry) pictures


4, 2010

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500x_pinkpure_01Gizmodo has received the first real pictures of the Pure horizontal slider, part of Microsoft’s Project Pink project.

The handset is expected to arrive on Verizon soon and is said to feature a  panel-based "better than Android,"  user interface with Windows Phone 7-style animations throughout with an app marketplace which is currently empty.

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Cornflipper, well known as driver hacker in the Windows Mobile community, appears to have his hand on one of these devices, and has been tweeting about it today.  He uploaded some pictures of the emergency dialler, confirming that it is in fact Verizon-based.

The screen shot is HVGA, suggesting this is also the resolution of the device. He also uploaded a picture taken by the device, demonstrating the (rather average) image quality.


It seems the Windows Phone family is going to get pretty confusing very soon. Will this be a good move by Microsoft? Let us know below.

Source: Gizmodo, Engadget and Twitter.

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