Programmer ports Doom to a pregnancy test

September 7, 2020
Doom pregnancy test

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We’ve seen Doom running on an ATM. We’ve seen it running on a Porsche. We’ve never seen it running on a pregnancy test. Actually, we’ve just checked Twitter and now we’ve seen Doom running on a pregnancy test. Will the wonders ever cease?! 

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Programmer and, most importantly, Twitter user Foone started the project after a lengthy Twitter thread explaining why digital pregnancy tests are a complete scam. (TLDR; They’re standard pregnancy tests that have their pee strip scanned to tell you the results on a screen and cost twelve times as much.)

After getting a video of Doom playing on the pregnancy test’s tiny 128×32 monochromatic display, Foone worked on getting the game working for real.

Unfortunately, to get everything working, the guts of the pregnancy test had to be completely replaced with only the device’s insides with more powerful components. Technically, it’s being played on a different system through the tiny screen of a pregnancy test.

It counts! Check it out below:

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