Power BI Mobile apps updated with the new ‘Shared with me’ view, Power BI Apps and more

Microsoft today announced the new updates releasing for the Power BI mobile apps that will enable users to find their most interesting assets faster, and creating a more consistent experience when using Power BI across devices.

This update brings the new “Shared with me view”. It is a single place for all dashboards that are shared with you by others. They are grouped by owner and sorted by share date, so it reduces the clutter when searching for dashboards that are shared with you by others.

This update also comes with Power BI Apps. Power BI Apps are collections of purpose-built dashboards and reports are grouped together so you can share BI information with others. You can access your apps via the web portal too.

Power BI iOS app now supports Universal links which allow users to share dashboards, reports, in-focus tiles, and organizational apps with others by simply copying the URL from the address bar of the web browser and pasting it into any app.

Finally, Microsoft now allows you to upload Power BI reports (PBIX files) to Power BI Report Server, and view them in the browser and on your Power BI mobile app.

Read about this update in detail here. Download the latest Power BI mobile app update from the respective app stores.

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