Poll: Should we harangue companies into giving us Windows Phone apps?


Windows Phone now has more than 300,000 apps, but there are still some high profile companies which are ignoring the 50 million plus Windows Phone users.

One such company is Sonos, who does not have an app for Windows Phone, despite being a giant in the area.

While browsing their Facebook page I came across a lone Windows Phone user who seems to have made it his task to remind Sonos of the fact every time they make a post on their Facebook page.

This has resulted in some ire from fans of the company, who of course have great experiences on their respective mobile operating systems.

On one hand I can see the benefit of reminding a company they are not being inclusive, particularly when they want to present a public face of being so, but on the other hand such tactics can turn companies and their fans hostile against the OS. Also to be be effective not just one, but many Windows Phone users should be voicing their opinion.

Do our readers think we should use normal support channels to ask for our apps and then quietly wait, or should we be using the tactics of our unnamed Windows Phone fan above and make our demands loudly in public (and possibly organized manner)?

Let us know in the poll below.

Features Image credit Ian Muir Ian Angry