Poll: Is your Windows Phone clock running slow?

slow clock

There are some who will always say Windows Phone is behind the times, but in my own experience there is one area where Windows Phone could certainly do with some updates, and that is time keeping.

My clock on my Windows Phone is always drifting, often after a month running full minutes behind the real current time. A slow clock can not only result in you missing appointments, but can also cause strange, difficult to diagnose issues such as not being able to download apps or sync email.

Setting it to carrier time does not always help – my own carrier’s clock is also behind, and not all carriers offer the feature.

There is no 3rd party API to change the system time on Windows Phone, so Microsoft is the only one who can provide a solution.

I propose Microsoft built in NTP (Network Time Protocol) support into Windows Phone so we can all set our clocks via time.windows.com.

Am I the only one with this issue? Let us know in the poll below.