PocketTouch–A Microsoft Research Project On NUI


17, 2011

PocketTouch is a research project from Microsoft Research. PocketTouch allows us to do simple actions on our phone through fabrics. For example, imagine your phone is ringing when it is in your pocket and you want to silence it. Normally we pick our phone from our pocket, unlock it and then change the setting to silence mode. But PocketTouch project allows you to silence the phone by just doing gestures over your pocket’s fabric without taking it outside. How cool ? Though its a research project, we can hope it comes to our Windows Phone devices soon ! ! !

Project Description:

A prototype that consists of a custom, multitouch capacitive sensor mounted on the back of a smartphone. It uses the capacitive sensors to enable eyes-free multitouch input on the device through fabric, giving users the convenience of a rich set of gesture interactions, ranging from simple touch strokes to full alphanumeric text entry, without having to remove the device from a pocket or bag.

You can find more details about this project here.

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