We’ve seen what the PlayStation 5 looks like, we’ve seen the mechanical guts of the PS5, but we haven’t seen the PS5 UI. Burger King are apparently set to change that. 

Last night, the official Burger King Twitter account posted a video of their extremely terrifying mascot that has definitely given kids, adults and supernatural beings constant nightmares after peering into those haunting plastic eyes that hold no soul opening a paper Burger King bag.

Once opened, a blue light glows on the creepy monster’s facsimile of a face accompanied by a chime we’ve never heard before. It could be the King’s home planet calling it back or it could be the PS5 UI start-up sound. My money’s on the latter, The King isn’t done punishing humanity.

PlayStation bravely quote tweeted the stuff of nightmares with two emojis: a pair of eyes and an ear. Did the fast food mascot take the other ear?! We’ll likely find out later this week.