PlayStation 5 set to inherit Xbox One co-pilot feature


8, 2019

PlayStation 5 will be attempting to turn every video game into a multilayer title with their own version of Xbox’s unique Xbox One co-pilot feature.

Revealed through recently released patents shared to us by our friends at LetsGoDigital, the upcoming PlayStation 5 feature will allow players to collaborate anywhere.

Much like Xbox’s co-pilot mode, which allows any two players to control the same game with numerous Xbox One controllers, Sony will be incorporating an exact carbon copy of Microsoft’s feature.

Usable through both local and through the power of the cloud, the upcoming multilayer technology will aims to create a more interactive and collaborative mode of play. Just like on Xbox One, each game will be playable with split controls with each player taking responsibility for different parts of the game.

For example, if two players were to collaborate to play a first-person shooter like Call of Duty or Destiny 2, then one player could be in charge of moving with the other in charge of aiming. Add another player into the mix and they could be in charge of shooting; add a fourth player and they could be in charge of using equipment.

PlayStation’s patents show that there is a more planned way of incorporating this feature than Xbox One’s fairly basic interpretation. Unlike Xbox co-pilot, a main player is designated who dishes out what controls each player is responsible for. With a maximum of four players, PlayStation is even detailing how two teams of two can compete in fighting games like Tekken 7 together.

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