PlayStation 5 console covers are getting new galactic covers


18, 2022

Sony has announced that its PlayStation 5 console covers will soon be available in a range of new galactic colors to go along with the DualSense controller

After initially launching its PlayStation 5 console covers in January of this year, Sony has finally announced that next month, the console covers will be available in the same trio of galactic colors as the DualSense controller, Starlight Blue, Galactic Purple, and Nova Pink.

Previously, the PlayStation 5 console covers have only been available in either Midnight Black or Cosmic Red, which are decidedly meager customization offerings for those looking to not have a white and blue monolith dominating their living room. 

Despite the new range of colors that Sony is finally making available on the 17th of June, customization options for the PlayStation 5 console are still bafflingly limited, even when you include the customization options provided by Dbrand, who manufacture the legally distinct Darkplate 2.0 and accompanying lightstrips.

With how easy the PlayStation 5 console covers are to interchange and replace, we can only hope that in the future brands and publishers start to include console covers as part of premium collectors editions alongside the usual tat, allowing for greater console customization without having to buy an entirely new console.

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