Sony has revealed the anticipated PlayStation 5 case designs, showing what new physical games will look like in the next generation. 

Revealed by Senior Director, SIE Content Communications, Sid Shuman, the next-gen PlayStation 5 case design is very familiar to current-gen PlayStation 4 cases.

The PlayStation 5 case designs still use a blue plastic shell. The only major difference is that the PS4 logo is swapped for the minimally different PlayStation 5 logo and the blue strip that made PS4 box art pop is now replaced with white.

You can check out the next-gen PS5 box art on a mock-up copy of Spider-Man Miles Morales below:

PlayStation 5 case design box art

The design does at least stay true to the visual identity of the PlayStation 5 with the combination of white, black and blue. However, personally, I feel that this blerg box design is just going to push customers towards the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition.