PlayStation 4 games are coming to PC via PlayStation Now

March 13, 2017

PlayStation Now is Sony’s game streaming service which is now only available for PlayStation 4 and PC (Sony ended support for devices like PlayStation Vita a few weeks ago). Today, the company announced that PlayStation 4 games will be joining the list. A private beta to test out PlayStation 4 games through PlayStation Now will take place in the coming weeks and invites will go out soon. This is a significant announcement because it means that PlayStation 4 games will be playable on PC through the service. You don’t need to purchase a new console to experience some amazing games which are exclusive to the platform!

Sony has yet to reveal which PlayStation 4 games will be included with PlayStation Now but it’s safe to assume that important exclusives which launched towards the beginning of this generation will make the cut. Currently, only PlayStation 3 games are available on the service so the inclusion of PlayStation 4 titles should increase the appeal of the service.

The timing of this announcement is interesting as Microsoft recently revealed Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass allows Xbox One owners to download over a hundred Xbox One-compatible games to their console and play them for as long as they like. Sony’s decision to release PlayStation 4 games on PlayStation Now seems to be in response to this.

The reveal of Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation 4 games coming to PlayStation Now is evidence of how competition between companies benefits all gamers. No one would’ve believed that the gaming industry would move towards Netflix-style subscriptions which allow access to the latest games from Xbox One and PlayStation 4 a few years ago. This is definitely an exciting time to be a gamer. It’s an even more exciting time if you own a PC because you’ll be able to play current-generation titles on it through PlayStation Now!

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