Pixel 7a leaks and rumors: colors, specs upgrades, price, and more

May 2, 2023

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We are just days away from 2023 Google I/O, which will happen on May 10. One of the major announcements expected at the annual developer conference is the revelation of the company’s Pixel 7a. And as the date approaches, more and more leaks are being shared online, giving us more idea about what to expect from the smartphone. So, what are the latest things about Pixel 7a that you should know?

The Looks

Recent reports show us some actual looks of Pixel 7a in the wild. In general, it is almost similar to Pixel 6a in terms of the shape and the bezel and to the Pixel 7 in general looks. Yet, its bar is expected to be matte, and it will reportedly have an upgraded primary sensor, as per 9To5Google. Moreover, unlike its predecessors, Pixel 7a will offer four colors: Arctic Blue, Carbon, Cotton, and Coral.


Aside from the colors and physical appearance of the smartphone, some specifications of the Pixel 7a are now circulating the web. Here are some of the details you can expect from it.

Display: 6.1-inch FHD OLED

Refresh Rate: 90Hz

Chipset: Google Tensor G2


Storage: 128GB

Rear Cameras: 64MP Main and 12MP Ultrawide

Front Camera: 10.8MP Selfie

Battery: 4,400 mAh

Charging: wired (20W) and wireless charging 

Software: Android 13

Release and Price

Though there are some speculations that the Pixel 7a goes on sale the same day as the Google I/O, it is still uncertain. Nonetheless, leakers claim that the stock would arrive to retailers 10 days before the conference’s keynote speech. This means that just after the opening presentation, the launch could commence right away.

Meanwhile, 9To5Google confirmed that the smartphone price will hit $499, which means a $50 increase from Pixel 6a’s price. The hike is attributed to the different upgrades expected from the phone, including a 90Hz OLED display (2400 x 1080), a 64MP main camera, and a wireless charging feature.


As said, Pixel 7a is expected to have a boost in its camera, which is far from the 12.2MP main camera of Pixel 6a. According to rumors, the new phone will have a main camera with a 64MP Sony sensor and a 12MP ultrawide, while the front will be boosted to 10.8MP.

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