Pinpoint: A Foundbite-Powered Game


9, 2014

Pinpoint is a new game created and powered by Foundbite, a popular Windows Phone service that allows users to share the sights and sounds of the world by combining photos and sound.

Inspired by the browser-based game, Geoguessr, Pinpoint features a showcase of the top 700 foundbites (photo + sound) uploaded to the Foundbite service from all over the world. After being presented with 10 random foundbites from this total, your task is to take in the atmosphere, sound and scenery to deduce where on earth it was captured ( which can be quite challenging). Points are awarded from 0 to 4000 depending on how close you are to the actual location. At the end of the game your scores are tallied into a total where you are graded from “Couch Potato” to “Intrepid Explorer”.

Pinpoint is a great way to immerse yourself in the sounds, learn something about the world and experience the global Foundbite community first-hand, all wrapped in a beautifully designed app.

Download Pinpoint by Foundbite from

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