Phil Spencer says the Fable franchise has a lot of places to go

Phil Spencer loves to interact with Xbox fans on Twitter and yesterday he shared some interesting details about some franchises. As we all know, Lionhead Studios was responsible for the Fable franchise and they were closed after Fable Legends failed to live up to standards. Many thought that Fable was dead but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

It looks like Fable might be revived in the future but given a new direction. Instead of a whimsical tone, the game should adopt a darker, more mature story. The franchise has always been known for its freedom—more so than other games in the genre—and coupling that with a poignant plot would elevate the experience. While we don’t know when Fable will return, it’s highly likely that we’ll see Fable 4 one day given Specter’s comments.

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