Performance of WP7 Mango on HTC 7 Trophy compared with Android Gingerbread on the SE Xperia Neo

PCFriki have published this video showing the performance of (a somewhat injured) HTC 7 Trophy (QSD8250 1 GHz, Adreno 200) against the latest release of Sony Ericsson, the SE Xperia Neo (QSD8255 1 GHz, Adreno 205) running Google’s latest phone OS, Gingerbread, released 4 months ago (Honeycomb is for tablets)

Surprisingly, even with the updated processor the processor benchmarks are not much improved on the Xperia Neo, and when it comes to actual performance the Mango handset leaves the Android one in the dust, seen especially in the browser performance section, where the Trophy scrolls and zooms extremely smoothly, and the Android handset shows its trademark lagginess.

No wonder user satisfaction rates is better on Windows Phone 7 compared to Android.

Read more at PCFriki here.