Paradox Interactive and Microsoft have teamed up to bring cross-platform mods to Xbox One and PC.

Through this Paradox Mods initiative, modders will be able to create mods for the service that will work on both PC and Xbox. However, PC users are required to use either the Paradox Launcher or GOG to download the mods.

To download mods on PC or console you’ll have to sign into your Paradox account, open the mod manager and select the mods you want to play. Once clicked, Paradox Mods will simply download the mod and add it to your game.

Currently, Paradox Mods only supports Surviving Mars. A new update is currently live on Xbox One for players to add mod support to their game.

To create mods for Surviving Mars and other Paradox games, modders will have to sign up for the service and then submit their work directly to Paradox.

Paradox Mods is a similar initiative to Bethesda’s Creators Club, a service which allowed Xbox One and PS4 owners to play Fallout and Skyrim mods.

Alongside mod support, Surviving Mars is also introducing keyboard and mouse support. Now, players can properly enjoy the game like its the full PC experience.