Xbox One’s November update has begun rolling out to users worldwide.

As far as updates go, this month’s is rather substantial and introduces some long-requested features for the console.

Firstly, November 2018’s update officially brings keyboard and mouse support to the device. We have a list of game’s that will take advantage of this right here.

Razer’s fancy upcoming keyboard and mouse combo for the system won’t be available until 2019 so keep your eyes open for that.

This update also updates Xbox One’s search feature which should allow you to find your games faster and easier than ever before. Expanded further than in prior updates, the search function will now list games in your “Ready to Install” and “Memberships” tab, allowing you to swiftly install games.

Xbox’s support for Cortana and Alexa has also improved. Now, Cortana will automatically discover and pair your Xbox to your mobile phone (Android or IOS) for quicker compatibility. Amazon’s Alexa implementation now functions in the U.K.

Using your Cortana or Alexa, you can now control your console with new commands. Saying, “Quit [game or app name]” will close your current program and saying “Press” followed by a controller button will allow you to control your console with just your voice. Nifty stuff.

The final addition to Xbox’s November update is the introduction of Amazon Music. The service launches in the U.S. on November 14th and is a great alternative to Spotify, especially if you have Amazon Prime. If you do, check it out.

Source: Xbox Blog