In celebration of PAC-MAN’s 40th birthday, everyone’s favourite pellet-chomping, ghost-busting, yellow-coloured, somewhat-spherical hero has officially made his Minecraft debut.

To celebrate, there’s a brand new PAC-MAN DLC available on the Minecraft Marketplace. The DLC contains 10 challenging stages for you to complete on your own or with friends, along with a ‘build-your-own’ maze editor function for some custom maze-based antics.

The legendary arcade classic PAC-MAN comes to Minecraft! WAKA-WAKA your way through a-mazeing 3D maze madness! Compete with friends for high scores on 10 challenging stages or build your own in the maze editor. Score big points to unlock new power-ups, like the Laser or TNT. Just make sure to watch out for Inky, Pinky, Blinky, Clyde and… CREEPY?!

You can find the new PAC-MAN DLC on the Minecraft Marketplace by following the link here.

In related news, BANDAI NAMCO and Amazon Games are celebrating PAC-MAN’s 40th anniversary with the introduction of PAC-MAN LIVE STUDIO, a brand new gaming experience playable through Twitch, due out in June 2020.