After being announced a few weeks ago, Overwatch’s cross-play is now finally live so you can play with your friends no matter the platform. 

Thankfully after the recent developer update told us the feature would be available “soon” we’ve not had to wait long, with cross-play going live today to allow players between PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch to play with one another. 

For competitive playlists, PC and console players won’t be matched against one another thankfully, but they will be able to mingle in non-competitive game modes through the use of Overwatch’s party system. 

To access cross-play, you’ll need to create a account if you don’t have one already, as this will let you match with other platforms through Blizzard’s client service. Thankfully, Overwatch has released a quick explainer video on just how to do that in a tweet

Luckily for console players, who are stuck without auto-aim and features to make life against PC players easier, the cross-play feature can be disabled, albeit only on console, if you just want to play against other players on your platform of choice. 

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While cross-play has launched today, cross-progression is still unavailable for the time being, with it expected to arrive sometime in the future. In the developer update, we were told that it’s something that the team is “excited to work on in the future” so hopefully it appears soon.