Outlook.com is becoming a Progressive Web App


27, 2019

Microsoft is embracing PWAs with its Office Suite. It has now begun turning the Outlook Web App into a progressive web app, allowing users to install it on their PC or Chromebooks as if it were a normal app. Note, this is Outlook dot com, not just the Office 365 version of the same service. Like PWAs, you’ll be able to view your emails offline, receive notifications, and essentially have the app appeared windowed.

Progressive web apps are a strong part of Microsoft’s development strategy. While the firm hopes developers will build apps for its Store, the web is the next best thing. With the new Edge supporting PWAs and the Microsoft Store’s biggest hitters being web apps anyway, there’s no question where the winds are blowing. The Outlook PWA seems to be a server-side thing, so you’ll see it when you see it as long as you’re using a compatible browser.

Source: The Verge, Thurrott

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