Outlook for Android gets a minor update


14, 2016


Microsoft today released a minor update for the Outlook app for Android. The latest update does not introduce many new features, but it introduces a nice new feature which some users may like. With the latest update, Microsoft added the ability to download attachments directly from the email view, as well as the Files page. As you may expect, this feature may not be available on all Android as some devices do not offer the required Downloads app to access the saved files, but Microsoft states that the company is working on a solution for this.

Need important files saved to your device? It’s now possible to download files directly from the email view, as well as from the Files tab. Note: Some devices don’t provide the necessary “Downloads” app to access these saved files. We’re hard at work on a solution for all those of you affected by this.
The latest update for Outlook on Android is version 2.0.57, and you can grab it from here.
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