Opera has Windows Phone “on their list” for an Opera Mini app


Its been a while since Opera has had a browser on a Microsoft mobile operating system, but it seems this may not be the case forever.

WP-Hub has emailed their team asking if they are planning to develop for Windows Phone.

They replied, stating:

We are aware that a lot of Windows phone users like you would like to have an Opera browser on their phones. The engineering team at Opera has this on their list.We will announce it as soon as it is ready

The news is consistent with a statement by Vadim Makeev, web evangelist for the Russian Opera browser team who said in October 2012, before the launch of Windows Phone 8:

Unfortunately, we do not comment on timing. I can say one thing, as soon as the ability to release Opera Mobile/Mini for Windows Phone (SDK in this case) is available, we will immediately do it. That is a full SDK for developing in C, for which we could use an existing generic code written for all platforms. Not with the current SDK for the Windows Phone platform. As soon as it appears, we are porting Opera Mobile/Mini.

Hopefully the growth of the Windows Phone ecosystem will convince the Opera team to bump the item a bit higher up the list.

Via WP-Hub.