Opera browser now lets you only use emojis if you really want to

February 15, 2022
Opera Yat

Thanks to a partnership with Yat, Opera’s browsers now support emoji-only web addresses, letting you finally free yourself from the burden of using boring old letters. 

In the pursuit of staying ahead of the game, with more than just their crypto browser project and their gaming browser, Opera has announced a new partnership that supposedly brings a “new level of creativity to the internet.” 

This emojification of Opera can be blamed on Yat, a company that allows you, or rather sells you, the opportunity to create URLs with emojis in them in order to better personalise your web presence with a more colourful and, for now, shorter domain name. 

While Yat’s emoji strings work on any browser if you put “y.at” in front of the emoji string, the feature now works natively in Opera’s browser allowing you to skip out on needing a regular keyboard and writing those pesky four characters which just get in the way. 

To try and convince you that these emoji only web addresses aren’t entirely pointless, Opera and Yat point out that musical artists such as Lil Wayne, Steve Aoki, G-Eazy, and Kesha are already on board with their own strings of emojis. If that’s not enough to sell you on it, Yat is even promising that you can mint your Yats as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, oh joy of joys. 

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To commemorate this occasion, Yat and Opera have decided to peddle some NFTs through a “scavenger hunt” that will have users searching for a string of emojis to solve a riddle. The first user to solve the riddle will be awarded burdened with a “Fvckcrystal” NFT, which is reportedly worth around $8,907.

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