Opensource Snapchat app Swiftsnapper now able to view snaps


The Swiftsnapper open source Snapchat app for Windows phone project has gathered momentum, and currently has had contributions from 21 developers who together made more than 26,000 additions to the code.

The result is the latest development, the ability of the app to view snaps sent to the user.

The app of course still has a long way to go. As mentioned in our last article, the project has 3 challenges – first to create a functional app, secondly to evade Snapchat’s account ban hammer and thirdly to be resistant to legal threats by Snapchat.

The current phase is mostly about creating a functional app, so we are clearly still a long way to go, but the project is advancing at a rather exciting pace.

Any developers who want to contribute their expertise and speed it along even faster can join the project here.

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