OneDrive gets a big update to make it more useful


On the OneDrive Blog Microsoft announced some significant new features for their cloud storage service.

The most significant is that 10 GB files are now supported, meaning that 4 GB DVD can now be easily stored online.  Large files can be uploaded by both apps and the web site.

Secondly Microsoft now supports uploading folders directly by dragging and dropping the folder into a OneDrive browser window.  It appears this feature is only supported on Google Chrome, but kudos to Microsoft for still enabling it.

Lastly Windows 7 and Windows 8 users can now share OneDrive files directly from the File Explorer without the need to visit the website.  Simply right clicking on the file and selecting Share a OneDrive Link will copy the relevant link to your clipboard, for pasting into am IM or email message.

Read the full announcement at the OneDrive blog here.