OneCast streaming app now available on iTunes, lets you stream your Xbox One games to compatible Apple devices


8, 2018

Earlier his year, an app called OneCast launched which made it quick and simple to stream your Xbox One games to a Mac. It looks like this service has now been expanded to include iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

The OneCast app is now available to download on the iTunes app store for $11.99.

“Take the awesome power of your Microsoft Xbox One console, and give it the portability and convenience of the Nintendo Switch. Stream your Xbox One games to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and play from anywhere with access to your home network. Never again will your gaming be interrupted when someone else needs to use the TV!”

As detailed on the app store, OneCast features:

• Supports HD 1080p video for crisp, smooth gameplay
• Various control methods including the Xbox One wireless controller, any MFi game controller, or the built in virtual on-screen controller
• Highly tuned performance with extremely low lag
• Multiple profile support so you can use any number of different Xbox One consoles or Xbox Live gamertags
• Customise the virtual on-screen controller to your liking
• Quick and easy one-time setup, start playing within seconds

Via: Windows Central

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