Official YouTube App – Windows Phone 8 vs Android (video)

YouTube App - Windows Phone vs Android

Microsoft’s new YouTube app takes a huge step forward, providing Windows Phone with an official quality YouTube app. How does it compare to Google’s own YouTube app on Android?

It compares quite well! In some sections, the Windows Phone app wins, and in others the Android version wins. Overall, Microsoft’s YouTube app can finally directly compete with Google’s Android version.

Both apps share a similar design. Microsoft clearly stole Google’s top bar design, which frankly feels a little out of place on Windows Phone. Nevertheless, it makes the transition from Android to WP smoother, which is what Microsoft seems to be going for considering how they also copied Facebook’s design for the Facebook app. Nevertheless, the Windows Phone app looks pretty good.

One of the advantages on Windows Phone is that you can download videos and watch them later! Android lacks this feature, which is disappointing. You can also listen to the audio of the video with your screen turned off, which is a nice touch. And comments actually look better on Windows Phone since they include people’s avatars!


However, the Android app lets you edit your own video’s details and also upload videos directly from your phone. In addition to that, the Android app also support’s YouTube’s new “What to watch” feature that the Windows Phone app currently lacks.

Thus, the two apps come up quite equal. If you’re just a casual YouTube viewer, you probably won’t notice a difference between the two apps. Microsoft finally did a great job with the YouTube app!