New Office for Windows Phone or a bad Photoshop by Microsoft?


17, 2015


Back in November, Microsoft released Office for iOS. As some of you may already know, the app looks much better than the Office for Windows Phone app. Microsoft has been criticised for this – however, Joe Belfiore from Microsoft recently promised that the Office team at Microsoft hasn’t ‘forgotten Windows Phone’. He also revealed that the company will share something new for Windows Phone users by the Chinese New Year (19th February).

Now, Microsoft Colombia’s official Facebook account has posted a new photo promoting Office for Windows Phone. The status stated, “Edit your documents while you’re away from the office with mobile app #Office”. There wasn’t anything wrong with the status – except from the fact that the company may have used the Office for iOS’ screenshot on a Windows Phone. We can’t confirm if the screenshot on the device is the iOS app or if Microsoft  re-designed Office for Windows Phone to look exactly like the Office for iOS app.

Microsoft will reveal more info on the upcoming version of Windows Phone in January 21st. We’ll be covering the event – so stay tuned!

What do you think, is it a mistake or not? Make sure to discuss in the comment section below!

Source: Microsoft Colombia, thanks Alex for the tip.

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