Office Insiders on Mac are getting a new Excel feature


3, 2022

After releasing a new Office Insider Preview Build for Android users, Microsoft released a new Office update for Office Insiders running macOS.

According to the official changelog, the new Office Build 16.61.22050100 allows Office Insiders on Mac clean and shape their data from local files, SharePoint, SQL, and tables and ranges using Power Query.

The complete official changelog is given below.


It is worth remembering that Office Build 16.61.22050100 is available for Insiders on the Current Channel. So, if you’re a Beta Channel subscriber or using the regular Office update, you won’t see the update. However, the update will be available for the regular Office users after a few days.

In other Office news, Microsoft recently added the ability to quickly switch to the light mode if they don’t like the dark mode in the document background to Office for Android. Another important feature that made its way to Office is allowing users to record their thoughts using voice in the OneNote app on their Android phones. You can learn more about these new features here. Meanwhile, Office Insiders on Android can now navigate through a document more easily with new Quick Access options, including “Recent,” “Shared,” and “Opened.” Office users on Android can also use Quick Access by tapping any of the options at the top of the screen.

However, for Mac Office Insiders on the Current Channel, to update to the latest Microsoft Office Insider Preview Build, open any Office program and go to File> Account> Update Options> Update Now.

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