Office apps now optimized for Surface Studio and Surface Dial

October 26, 2016


Microsoft today announced new features in the Office apps that uniquely and seamlessly integrate with Surface Studio and Surface Dial. These new features improve the Office experience on the new Surface Studio device.

The new large-screen page view in Word allows you to review and edit documents using a new page view specifically designed for large-screen devices such as Surface Studio and Surface Hub. Naturally swipe to flip through pages with a fluid two-page magazine-style layout, and pinch to zoom out to navigate longer documents in a grid view.

Surface Dial is a unique input peripheral that enables people to interact with their apps and devices. In Office, you can now use it to control capabilities such as Ink Replay as well as advance slides and animations in PowerPoint presentations. You can even use Surface Dial to navigate across on-screen elements when using Narrator, the screen-reading app built into Windows 10 that reads aloud and describes content on your PC screen if you’re blind or have low vision.

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The new large-screen page view in Word on Windows desktops is coming in early 2017 for Office 365 subscribers. And the integrations with Surface Dial are available in Office apps on Windows 10 desktops for Office 365 subscribers. Integrations with Surface Dial work automatically.

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