Oculus rebranded as the way more boring Facebook Reality Labs

August 26, 2020
Facebook Reality Labs Oculus VR Facebook

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It appears the marriage of Facebook and Oculus has started to reveal the true nature of Zuckerberg’s over-controlling social media empire as the big blue F-bomb has changed the well-known branding of Oculus into Facebook Reality Labs. 

As part of a merger of Facebook’s multiple virtual reality and augmented reality teams, Oculus will be mixed into Facebook Reality Labs to accentuate “the expansive work being done at Facebook” for mixed reality development.

As the Oculus branding goes away so does the names of the annual Oculus Connect conference. Now it will be called Facebook Connect — inventive. This year’s event will be held digitally on September 16th.

Oculus explains that the corporate name switch is to put “emphasis on clarity — visually identifying us as a part of Facebook while looking toward the future of the next computing platform that puts people at the center.”

“Before today, we lacked a unified brand identity from which to tell the story of how we’re building the future of VR and AR,” Facebook said. “With the Facebook Reality Labs name, we’re making clear where these technologies are coming from. We hope you’ll come along for the ride. In the meantime, we’ll be working in the lab.”

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Facebook will also be deactivating propriety Oculus accounts in the near future, requiring all Oculus owners to merge their accounts with their Facebook accounts to keep access to their purchased content.

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