The Ocean Shadow and Winter Forces Xbox One S controllers come out Feb. 7th

There seems to be one constant with all modern consoles: there’s going to be some really fun and varied controller designs out there, often resulting in there being something for just about everyone. That’s still true for the Xbox One, which has gotten some great controller variants over the years – and that’s not counting all of the things you can create with the Xbox Design Lab. From simpler designs to complex creations for serious gamers, there’s a lot – and Microsoft’s adding even more.

The new Ocean Shadow Special Edition (on the left) and the Winter Forces Special Edition (on the right)

The two latest additions to the Xbox One S controller lineup (both pictured above) are the Ocean Shadow Special Edition and the Winter Forces Special Edition. They’re both continuations of older series of designs, and both have all of the improvements the Xbox One S controller brought to the table all the way back in August, like a textured grip. While the Dawn Shadow brought these enhancements to the Shadow line, this is the first Forces release after the launch of the Xbox One S, making it the first of its line with the improvements.

Both of these controllers will become available at select retailers worldwide on February 7th for $69.99 USD, but you can pre-order them from the Microsoft Store right now by following the links below.

Do you like these designs? Will you be buying either one? If so, which? Let us know in the comments below!