NVidia to support Windows Phone with ‘superphone’ NVidia Grey processor in 2013


Windows Phone Italy reports from the recent HTC Frequencies blogger conference,  where Mike Rayfield, NVIDIA’s general manager, Mobile Business Unit, gave a speech on their processor roadmap.

There Mike showed the above slide, showing their upcoming Wayne and Grey processors. The Grey processor, coming in 2013, was specifically called out as supporting Windows Phone (and of course Android, Windows and Linux).

The Grey processors will be built on 28 nm and feature Icera’s LTE modem built-in.

We have seen this roadmap before, in September 2011, when Jen-Hsun Huang, chief executive officer of Nvidia called it “a tiny chip to address the vast majority of the smartphone market."

With ST Ericsson’s NovaThor processor  (which will likely show up in Nokia handsets) it is likely we will see a much greater variety of processors in Windows Phone 8, which should at least make the benchmarking game much more interesting.

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