Nvidia Tegra demo is mind blowing



Author Surur // in News, Rumour

We have written about the Nvidia Tegra processor before, and even put up some videos, but this hands-on demo recorded by Laptop Magazine, running on an actual prototype device really does bring the power of the processor home.

The prototype was shown of in last month and features the ability to output 720p video via HDMI and display web pages, video and photos in its dymanic 3D interface.

The prototype ran on a 600 MHz ARM11 processor and GeForce GPU and is based on Windows CE. The browser is based on Opera Mobile 9.5, who’s partnership with Nvidia we have reported on earlier.

It is not known yet which hardware OEM will be using the processor yet, but its highly likely to be a Windows Mobile device,  but we can aways hope its an eXcellent device by HTC.

See the full article at LaptopMag.com and read this pdf for more information on the Tegra platform.

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