Nvidia “completely focused on Windows Mobile 7”



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Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang told the Nvision 2008 conference that Nvidia’s future is in smartphones and the “second personal computing revolution.” Nvidia wants to make smartphones computers first and phones second.

Smartphones, he added, are no less than a “second personal computing revolution.” Huang said when it comes to smartphones, Nvidia is “completely focused on Windows Mobile 7.”

“Focusing on smartphones. That’s our strategy,”  And when it comes to smartphones, Haung believes they should be computers first, phones second. This means full desktop capability, like demonstrated with the Lamity Virtual World client running on their NVidia’s Tegra APX 2500 platform.

We look forward to devices running this processor, which shipped in volume in the second hand of 2008, appearing in consumer devices quite soon, likely in new Windows Mobile 7 devices, needed to support the higher graphics requirements of the updated OS.

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