Nvidia sees Windows Phone as a “growth opportunity”

imageNvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, not content with leaking possible Windows Phone 7/Windows 8 app compatibility also appears to be hinting at an expansion of Windows Phone 7 processor compatibility to Nvidia Tegra chipsets.

Speaking to investors yesterday, he mentioned the company expects to profit from Windows 8 tablets by creating Quad-Core Kal-El Plus chips optimised for Windows 8.

"The Windows 8, Windows on ARM, coming out toward the end of next year, or the year thereafter, is going to be a growth opportunity for us," Huang predicted.

He however also went on to say "And Windows Phone is going to be a growth opportunity for us."

Windows Phone 7 handsets have so far all been powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, with the company working closely with Microsoft.

The company said:

“Qualcomm has a long history of working closely with Microsoft and we continue to support the launches of new Windows Phones based on our Snapdragon processors. We are excited about this next Windows Phone Mango release that will leverage the synergy of our highly integrated second generation Snapdragon solution and Microsoft’s Windows Phone software,”

It seems this marriage is set to become more open in the future.

Via Newsfactor.com