Nvidia is letting you win one of its illusive RTX 3090s

March 18, 2022
Nvidia RTX 3090 Giveaway

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Nvidia has announced a sweepstakes competition to let you win one of its ever-illusive GeForce RTX 3090s, so long as you jump through a few hoops first. 

Nvidia has announced that in celebration of their upcoming 2022 Graphics Technology Conference they will be giving away some of their limited GeForce RTX 3090s, which have been made even more special thanks to them being signed by the company’s CEO Jensen Huang.

According to VideoCardz, Nvidia will be giving away “at least” eight GeForce RTX 3090s as part of this sweepstakes competition. With the ongoing global semiconductor shortage driving up the price of graphics cards, we can only assume that this limited number has been reached since that’s all the 3090s Nvidia has left in hand to give away. 

To win one of the few RTX 3090s available, all you have to do is attend at least three live sessions during GTC 2022 and then share your experiences with Nvidia in this form. Unfortunately, this sweepstakes competition is only available to “students and recent grads,” according to Nvidia, although it is not explained just how they’re verifying this, or how recent a graduate you have to be.

Whether you’re hoping to win one of the RTX 3090s or you’re just interested in what Nvidia is up to, the Graphics Technology Conference will be available to watch live from the 21st of March to the 24th.

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