Nvidia GeForce Now iOS returns on Safari web browser


19, 2020

While Apple’s locked ecosystem has locked streaming services like Project xCloud, Google Stadia and more from being available on their devices,  Nvidia hasn’t given up. Months after being removed from iOS,  GeForce Now is playable through the Safari Web Browser.  

Revealed in a new blog post,  Nvidia revealed that GeForce Now iOS fans are now able to successfully stream games to their iPhones, iPads and,  quite possibly,  iPods as well.

The streaming service’s Safari workaround is only in a beta form at the moment with improvements set to come to the webRTC client as time hours on.  This new Safari version is based on the recent Chromebook release of the streaming services.

With Apple’s war with Epic Games delisting Fortnite from the iOS ecosystem,  Nvidia is partnering with Epic to bring the popular battle royale game back to iOS through the streaming service complete with touch controls

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