Taiwanese supply chain reportedly working with Apple on a folding iPhone

by Surur
November 17, 2020

We heard yesterday that Samsung may end the successful Galaxy Note range and go all-in with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold as their Fall flagship.

This leaves Apple increasingly looking like a legacy smartphone maker whose main innovation is a new selfie filter.

According to Taiwanese supply chain reports, however, Apple is working hard with Taiwanese companies to develop their own folding smartphone.

They report that besides accumulating patents, some of which we have already seen on the site, Apple is also requesting samples from manufacturers to potentially integrate into the device.

They report Foxconn (Hon Hai) is the lead to manufacturer the device, and Nippon Nippon was developing bearings for the folding phone, which needed to be able to withstand at least 100,000 folds.

Apple is also trying to decide between OLED or micro-LED technology, with Samsung expected to produce the folding screen.

The eventual device is only expected to hit the market in September 2022, which leaves Samsung another two years to develop the market to prepare it for Apple’s splashy entry.

via BGR

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