Now that we have an official File Manager, do you want more?


Microsoft yesterday delivered what many who started with Windows Phone 7 never expected to see – an official File Manager for the OS which provides direct file level access to media and documents in your My Documents folder, allowing you to directly copy, paste, rename and do all the expected file management features.

According to well known Windows Phone developer Justin Angel, who has worked for Microsoft, Nokia and is currently working as a Windows Phone developer for Apple of all people (well actually Beats), we want even more.

According to him we want full file system access to all the nooks and crannies of the operating system, much like on Windows 7 desktop.

Now while I can understand the attraction to developers and even hackers (the good type) who may want to move configuration files around and replace Dlls, I do not believe the average Windows Phone user needs or even wants that level of access.  We expect our phones just to work, and for Microsoft to sort out issues such as the WP8 Hidden Storage bug.

Do our readers want deep access, or are you happy with the way things are now? Let us know below.