Not so fast – Microsoft is abandoning unsupported Windows 10 PCs over a 0.1% increase in crash rates

by Surur
August 28, 2021

We were happy to report yesterday that Microsoft was allowing unsupported Windows 10 PCs to upgrade to Windows 11 via an ISO or the Media Creation Tool, but it turns out this was not in fact the whole story, and that the truth is in fact rather bad.

The Verge has received clarification from Microsoft who explained that PCs that were upgraded in this way will not receive any updates from Microsoft, including security updates.

Microsoft explained that PCs that meet the official minimum specs “had a 99.8 percent crash free experience,” while devices that don’t meet the minimum hardware requirements “had 52 percent more kernel mode crashes.”

While 52% more kernel crashes sound like a nightmare, if crashes on supported PCs were happening 0.2% of the time, 50% more would be 0.3%, meaning those PCs had a 99.7% “crash free experience.”

Of course, we can respect Microsoft’s urge to start over from a fresh security slate, but we think in this case the spin has gone a bit wrong.

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