Not just Facebook, even Google abuses Apple’s App Store policy

January 30, 2019

Earlier today, we reported a story about Apple banning Facebook from using internal iOS apps. Now, Google has been caught doing the same thing for which Facebook was punished by Apple. Google has an iOS app called Screenwise Meter which asks users to install the app using Google’s Enterprise Certificate provided by Apple.

Unlike Facebook which pays users for installing their Research app, Google’s Screenwise offers gift cards for users sideloading the app that will help Google to monitor and analyze their traffic and data.

To be fair, Apple should now revoke Google’s Enterprise Certificate that will ban Google employees from accessing internal iOS apps. Apple and Google are yet to respond to TechCrunch’s story.

Apple Developer Enterprise Program costs only 299 USD per year and it enables organizations to distribute proprietary in-house apps to their employees. It looks like there will be several other companies like Google and Facebook abusing this program for distributing VPN apps to collect data from users. It will be interesting to see how Apple reacts to these incidents in the coming days.

Source: Techcrunch

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