Nokia’s Here Maps website does not work properly in Internet Explorer


It is somewhat ironic that the desktop mapping solution for Microsoft’s biggest partner does not work fully in Internet Explorer.

While most of the product does work, trying to access the “new” Maps 3D function demands that you use a “3D browser” such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.

The issue is of course support for webGL, a technology which Microsoft has labelled a major security risk due to direct access to the hardware of a desktop PC.

The issue is not as trivial as it may appear, in that the latest version of Here Maps for Windows Phone allows synchronization of saved routes between the desktop and map, meaning Nokia’ Here website may be a destination we end up visiting much more often that we would otherwise.

Hopefully Microsoft can give their number one partner a bit of a nudge and suggest they use a web technology which the other 55% of the web users can also access.

Thanks Andy for the tip.