Nokia X projected to sell 16 million units, now on pre-order in Spain

nokia x pre-order

MNB reports that   according to Strategy Analytics analyst Scott Bicheno Nokia could sell as many as 16 million Nokia X Android handsets in 2014.   That would translate into around 4 million handsets a quarter, or about 40% to 50% of Windows Phone volume.

Bicheno unfortunately did not publicly reveal the impact he expects this to have on Windows Phone sales, but it is not difficult to see that in areas dominated by Android where Windows Phone sells largely on the strength of Nokia’s brand there will be a distinctly negative influence.

While Nokia has said they expect sales to be concentrated in so-called growth markets, such as in South East Asia, they have also said they expect to sell the handsets globally, and we can already see this in effect, with the Nokia X and Nokia X+ showing up for pre-order at Amazon Spain, according to

The Nokia X + starts at  119 €, while the Nokia XL is priced at 129 €.

The X+ has a 4 inch WVGA screen and 3.15 megapixel camera and 768 MB RAM,  while the XL has a 5 inch WVGA screen , 5 megapixel camera and also 768 MB RAM. 

Via, we also learn that the Nokia X is on pre-order at Amazon Germany for 89 Euro.

It is of note that the Nokia Lumia 520 also costs 119 Euro on Amazon in Spain, and given the massive market share of Android in Spain (more than 80%) it seems unlikely that buyers will be choosing the Windows Phone handset over the Android one.

What do our readers think the impact of Nokia’s Android foray will have on Windows Phone? Let us know below.