Nokia teasing *something* for valentines day


Nokia has an account on Snapchat, and have posted the above enigmatic picture, with the text a string of numbers:


For those outside USA the last 3 numbers are easy to decipher – it is clearly the 14th February 2014.

The first  4 numbers are less so, with the leading suggestion being that it may represent two new handsets, the 630 and 870.

The Nokia Lumia 630 is of course Nokia’s Dual-SIM handset leaked earlier, but there has so far been no rumoured 870 (but maybe this is what the Nokia Normandy will be designated as, or the high end Nokia Goldfinger).

Either way, it looks like we may be looking at the handsets being announced much sooner than we expect.

Do our readers have another interpretation for the mystery numbers? Let us know below.