Nokia teases Treasure Tag, other items for MWC 2014


On the Weibo micro-blogging network Nokia has been teasing their Mobile World Congress announcements on the 24/2/2014.

Unfortunately except for one, Nokia’s graphics are pretty hard to decipher.  Above is a treasure map, and we of course expect Nokia to announce their Treasure Tag accessory at Mobile World Congress.

The Chinese text on the graphic says:

What is hidden under the tree? Lets find out together on February 24th!“.

After that things get a bit weird.


Above is a tree with a DNA spiral.  The green part of the DNA forms an X, and it seems another hint that the Nokia X A110 Android handset, presumably despite being the bastard child of Google and Nokia, will have Microsoft’s DNA.


The two monkeys, one in a tree, presents the hardest challenge.   Let us know your theories in the comments below.