Nokia RM-977 4.5-inch Dual Sim Windows Phone Coming Soon



Author Pradeep // in News

Nokia Lumia 530

Yesterday, we reported that a low-end Nokia Lumia Windows Phone device with 4.5-inch screen is coming soon. Further details from import data in India revealed that there is also a dual-sim version of the same device. The device named RM-977 internally is expected to hit the markets in Q1 2014. Usually Nokia sends devices from Finland to the respective countries before launch for testing within Nokia and this RM-977 Dual Sim version was also sent for the same purpose to India.

It was marked with “intercompany use for testing and evaluation purposes only” note in import documents.

The document also revealed that the cost of the device will be around $100 to $130 in India which puts the device along with low cost Lumia 520 device.

via: Zauba

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