New low-end 4.5 inch Nokia Lumia on the way?



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Nokia RM-997

It seems the Zauba site, which documents imports of handsets into India, is a gift which keeps on giving.  The site recently revealed a new high end Samsung Windows Phone, and now it seems also to have uncovered a new low-end Nokia Lumia handset.

The site reveals that Nokia has imported the RM-977 from Finland for testing and evaluation.  The device is a single-SIM handset with a 4.5 inch touch screen, which certainly places it out of the range of Nokia‚Äôs ASHA handsets, and the RM-977 designation does not correlate with any already announced handset.

The value of the device is pegged at 7,966 INR ($130) which suggests we are looking at a new low-end Windows Phone, and as NPU suggests, the real successor to the Nokia Lumia 520.

Such a handset may be announced at CES or Mobile World Congress, and would address the increasing trend towards larger screened handsets, even in low-end devices.

Via NPU, thanks Lochu for the tip.

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